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Artist & Venetian cat lover, living & creating in Venice

Welcome to Venice the City of beauty, luxury, romance, food, an overall feast for the senses. Navigating and discovering the city becomes an exciting and beautiful experience in itself. Discovering the little calles, cortes and campos gives you the wonderful sense of a child navigating a labyrinth and you become addicted always wanting more. The twisting streets reveal the hidden character of the city, full of charm & wonder. Every bridge presents a beautiful image and the magic of the city can be found at ever turn.

Venice was first created as a city to escape the invaders from northern Europe in 800 AD and fast became the vibrant centre of Europe. The first settlers after some time at Torcello came to Rivus Altus, the centre of the lagoon, which is modern day Rialto and the city transformed into a centre of trade between the East and West, a vibrant metropolis named by the Venetians themselves as the Most Serene Republic, La Serenissima. The city became synonymous with wealth, luxury and culture attracting visitors from all over Europe, this certainly hasn’t changed today, the allure of Venice is still as potent as ever and seldomly ever disappoints.

There is so much to explore and experience so the best place to start when you arrive is to take an ombra (which literally means to take a break in the shade) find a pretty campo, order a spritz and absorb the wonderful city around you. The city is divided in to 6 sestiere and each offer their unique charm, Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco, San Polo, Dorsodoro and Santa Croce. Discover food markets to enliven your senses in San Polo, the Magnificent Doge’s Palace and the famous Saint Marks Basicilla in San Marco, Dorsodoro for Art for example The Peggy Guggenheim and the University centre of the city, Santa Croce, the transport hub of Venice & home to some very tasty restaurants, Canaregio for the Ghetto & boat connections to Burano and Murano and Castello, a real sense of the hidden authentic Venice where a lot of venetians actually live these days. So much to see in such a small city and the fantastic thing is you can walk everywhere. What are you waiting for?

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