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About New & Noteworthy in Venice

Every year Venice is the home to the famous biennale, alternating each year between Art and Architecture. This year we have the Architecture Biennale curated by Dutch Architect Rem Koolhaus with the theme 'Fundamentals', which showcases three interlocking exhibitions, 'Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014', 'Elements of Architecture' and 'Monditalia'. Based mainly at Giardini and Arsenale, tickets can easily be bought when you arrive in Venice or directly at the entrances to the exhibitions. There are also many external pavilions dotted around the city which are free of charge. If you happen to be in Venice at the end of August/beginning of September you will be in for a big treat. Venice hosts the yearly Venice Film Festival where the biggest stars descend on Venice and the Lido for a star studded celebration of contemporary cinema. Tickets can easily be bought on-line and it is definitely worth having a trip over to Lido for a drink or two to soak up the glitzy atmosphere.

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