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About Food in Vienna

The ingredients used for Viennese cuisine are amazingly simple. Take the culinary traditions from Bohemia, the Alpine regions, Hungary and the Balkans and blend them to form exceptional tidbits and delicacies fit for the taste of an imperial residence.

Southern German and Bohemian traditions make up the meaty core of Viennese cuisine. Paprika, among other spices, and humble barbecue tradition originate in Hungary and the Balkans. A touch of sophistication comes from the old Northern Italian territories as well as from the nobilities who wanted a taste of French elegance. The use of milk, rich cream and cheeses as well as the need to make the best of limited grain resources stems back to the poorer Alpine regions or the Bohemian forests. Dumplings have their roots there, also.

Be aware that there are “smoking sections” in Austrian cafés and restaurants – we don’t like to be told how to live!

What to Eat?

Pork, smoked meats and cold cuts are at the heart of Viennese cooking. We like deep fried goodies such as the world-famous “Wiener Schnitzel” or “Backhendl”, stews and boiled beef like “Goulasch” and “Tafelspitz.” Besides the famous dishes, we also love meals like liver, kidneys and some plates that may be reserved for the more daring traveler.
Some deserts are rather elaborate like “Palatschinken”, “Kaiserschmarrn” or different Strudels, while cakes and pastries like “Sacher-Torte”, “Malakof-Torte”, “Punschkrapfen” and “Chreme-Schnitten” happily hold us over from lunch to dinner.


Don’t worry about the percentage - it’s the gesture that Counts - but it's appreciated when it Comes close to 10%.
Salaries for Austrian waiters and waitresses include a service charge. Nevertheless it is custom to ”round up” depending on the amount – to the next Euro, 5 or 10.

Price per Meal

Specials below € 10 – otherwise € 15–25 or € 50 and higher p.p.

Best Restaurants

Steirereck – “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” No. 21!
Zum schwarzen Kameel – “Viennese tapas bar” is an institution.
Plachutta – the “Beef Emperor” of Vienna. Classic but lots of tourists.
Hollmann Salon
Appiano - gastro-pub, Austro-Mediteranean cuisine
Zu den drei Hacken
Gasthaus Poeschl -
Meinl am Graben – a kind of Harrod’s delicatessen in Vienna.
Naschmarkt – the best market in Vienna with lots of eateries.

Best Cafes

In Vienna the European coffeehouse tradition is still very much alive. There may well be places with faster service and more competitive pricing. At the core the traditional “Kaffeehaus” is still an oasis in people’s daily lives, a place to retreat to, to read, to meet, enjoy yourself and take time out. Some of them also became a focus of tourism like the must see “Cafè Central”.
Try “Diglas”, “Landtmann”, “Prückel”, “Schwarzenberg”, „Sperl“ or „Hummel“

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