Adventure in Yountville

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About Adventure in Yountville

The best way to see Yountville is to take a stroll by foot down the town. It is not big and is worth taking in. Lots of flowers, and things to look at.


There is not much legal hiking available in Yountville. One place is just south of the Rector Dam area on the Silverado Trail. You must watch the signs and stay away from the water area.

Walking Routes

Easy, just one main street in town and a few side blocks. You won't get lost here.


There are some roads like fennel road which is good for a jog or run.


The Veterans Home has a public pool during the summer. The hotels as well have nice pools.


Hotels only


Anywhere, it is pretty flat.




There is a park on the south and north end of town. The North park is our favorite. You are allowed to drink wine in the North Park which makes a great picnic location.

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